One of the things that we take for granted is the heating or cooling of our homes and or businesses and the comfort it provides. When your system is not performing properly or at peak performance one of the most effective ways to service your unit is to contact Temperature Supply a premier supplier of furnace, air conditioning and rooftop heating and cooling parts.

Why Choose Temperature Supply?

Temperature Supply has 25 years of experience in servicing, maintaining, and supplying parts for your residential, commercial industrial furnaces, air conditioners, and rooftop heating and cooling units. When it comes to repairing HVAC systems you want to make sure you have the correct parts for various reasons. One, you want to ensure the safety of everyone in the home, office, or factory. Second, you want to control your cost by acquiring the correct parts to solve your problem and get your system working in a timely manner.

Get the Right Parts for the Job

The HVAC parts we supply are what the manufacturer recommends to use in replacing the defective part. We have parts for all makes and models when they are not available from the manufacture such as Honeywell, White Rogers, Johnson Controls, Robertshaw, Emerson, Fasco and/or the manufacturer’s parts for your unit.

When it comes to common parts such as: circuit boards, control modules, motors, inducer draft assemblies, igniters, flame sensors, filters, fan blades, limits, blower wheels, and relays we have them in stock for some same day shipping or pickup.