A O Smith B6507V1 Blower Motor

Do you need a replacement direct driver blower motor? If so, you have come to the right place. The A.O. Smith B6507V1 Blower Motor is thermally protected and known for its quality and durability. Its open construction features an auto protector. Notably, A.O. Smith has provided innovative and energy efficient solutions since 1874; when you… Read more »

A O Smith ORM5458F Blower Motor

A O Smith ORM5458F Blower Motor The A.O. Smith ORM5458F Blower Motor is the ideal replacement for multitudes of popular motors. The A.O. Smith ORM5458F Blower Motor is a 4-1 motor that is beloved because it has one easy connection, meaning you will not have to worry about following intricate wiring diagrams or worry about… Read more »

Packard 43783 Blower Motor

Packard 43783 Blower Motor The blower motor is to an HVAC system what the nucleus is to a cell; it’s vital and makes it all the more important that you have a reliable blower motor in place. If you need to replace the blower motor for your system, then look no further than one from… Read more »

ICM2905 Control Module

The ICM2905 Control Module has an intermittent pilot gas ignition control module, enabling it to be used with intermittent boilers, furnaces and other similar applications. Notably, it features a microprocessor center that allows it to oversee timing and trial for ignition, while also having flame and remote flame sensing and lockout capabilities.  It features a… Read more »

ICM2901 Control Module

ICM2901 Control Module The ICM2901 Control Module is microprocessor based and features an intermittent pilot gas ignition control module. What’s more, it has remote flame sensing abilities, a 100% lockout safety feature and is compatible with both LP and natural gas. It is used with intermittent pilot boilers and furnaces as well as other heating… Read more »

Packard A61469 Fan Blade

Do you need a replacement fan blade from a reliable company? Are the blades on your fan currently looking worn out, bent or damaged? If so, the Packard A61469 Fan Blade would be a perfect solution for you. Damaged fan blades can cause a host of problems; it can lead to extra wear and tear… Read more »

Packard C230A Contactor

Packard C230A Contactor If you’re looking for a high performance contactor then look no further than the Packard C230A Contactor. This reliable system meets government standards and is known for being flexible, durable and consistently great, making it an ideal part for your system. If you’re unsure of which HVAC part you need, our representatives… Read more »

Packard C440C Contactor

Temperature Supply offers the Packard C440C Contactor that suits specifications up to 600 VAC. It features four poles and a silver-plated contact with cover, as well as standard box lugs and spade terminals. It has Class B coil insulation and is made from one of the more trusted brands within the industry. If you are… Read more »

Titan Pro TRCF60 Capacitor

Temperature Supply offers the Titan Pro TRCF60 Capacitor which is a motor run capacitor that has approximately 60,000 hours of operational life, making it a worthwhile investment. In fact, it is known to greatly outproduce standard motor run capacitors, saving you money in the long run. It is built to the strictest standards and is… Read more »

Danfoss AC Scroll Compressor 120

Danfoss AC Scroll Compressor 120 AC scroll compressors are becoming increasingly popular due to the fact they circulate air in an orbit, rather than up and down. Since scroll compressors don’t have a litany of moving parts, its torques are more consistent and reliable, leading to a smoother and quieter operation when compared to reciprocating… Read more »

Danfoss Maneurop NTZ Compressor

Danfoss reciprocating compressors are used in an assortment of industrial applications, including walk in coolers, air dryers and more. NTZ compressors are ideal for low temperature needs; they work seamlessly in temperatures at -30 degrees Fahrenheit and they have an extended evaporating range of -50 degrees Fahrenheit to 15 degrees Fahrenheit. These compressors are easy… Read more »

Danfoss Universal Scroll Compressor

Danfoss Universal Scroll Compressor There has been a proliferation of scroll compressors into HVAC systems for a variety of reasons. For starters, scroll compressors circulate air in a circular motion, rather than in an up and down fashion like reciprocating compressors do. As such, this makes them more reliable and efficient since they have less… Read more »

Fasco A162 Blower Motor

Fasco A162 Blower Motor Blower motors are used to circulate heat from your furnace into your home or building. The Fasco A162 Blower Motor is a flue exhaust blower that features sleeve bearings and a centrifugal switch. It can be used as a replacement part for a many prominent brands. What’s more, it has 1/50HP… Read more »